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New Warehouse

In September 2022 we expanded our capacity and have moved to a new warehouse x3 the size of our old ones.

  • We have an increased our compostable teabag capacity and can now make 2,000,000 teabags a week.

  • We can now also make 2,000,000 teabags worth of compostable tagged material a week also - all with our customers branding on.

  • We have x10 FUSO machines now and the largest amount of FP100 machines in the UK.

  • We have made the warehouse eco friendly and are installing a new 45Kw Solar set up to make our compostable teabags even more eco friendly.

  • We have a new eco friendly air compressor to cut our emissions further.

  • For visitors we have x3 EV car charging ports on site.

  • We have storage facility now for 250 pallets with x2 new forklifts reaching to 9 meters.

We are having also a new machine fitted in December which will offer customers even greater packaging options. If you want to find out what we have install early please contact us to find out and arrange a visit.

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