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One cup of tea at a time, we’re here for you.

We’re continually reminded about the coronavirus and it’s reckoning on people’s lives, but what we also see is the power of community and shared space of ever-growing hope to support our key-workers, businesses and customers in times of need.

In these unprecedented times, we are all pulling together as communities that respond, recover and are ready for life after COVID.

Our focus as a business has been ensuring our customers are fully supported throughout the COVID pandemic. Kingdom has remained fully operational and we continue to work around the clock to keep the humble tea bag available to all.

As a key part of the tea supply chain, Kingdom works with businesses of all sizes. So, whether it be keeping up with supermarket demand, or picking up the phone for a friendly chat with longstanding hospitality friends – we have been and will endeavour to offer support however we can.

  • We’ve so far donated over 50,000 tea bags to food banks, hospital trusts and key-workers across the region.

  • We will continue to help our Community champions get through this - just as we also continue to support tea-growing communities worldwide to ensure the tea supply chain remains a robust operation one cup of tea at a time.

From our business to yours, let’s beat this virus!

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